Investment Loan

Securing an Investment Loan in Australia

All types of investments have their own risks. Often, however, a strategic and well-timed investment can yield huge returns. 

If you are thinking of investing in managed funds or properties in Australia, it would be wise to seek the assistance of experienced financial advisers. With their help, potential investors like you can secure investment loans successfully and advise you about assets worth investing in.

Types of Investment Loans in Australia

There are generally two main categories of investor loans in Australia: Margin loans and Investment property loans.

This type of loan allows individuals to borrow funds to invest in managed funds, approved shares, and exchange-traded funds or ETFs. Getting this type of investment loan requires knowledge of how markets work and the ability to predict which investment funds will work well.

These loans for investing are designed for borrowers who want to acquire properties with the intent to sell or to rent them. Typically, after acquiring the property, the investor would fix it and prepare it for sale or rent. This involves both effort and capital, but the returns more than make up for it. Therefore, having investment properties is strategic, especially if the property market is doing well.

Things to Consider
Before Applying for Investment Loans

Before deciding to apply for an investment loan, it would be wise to know its advantages and disadvantages.

Investment Returns on Margin Loans

+ Advantage

One of the advantages of choosing margin loans is the magnified investment returns. As long as the investor looks out for market cues and observes the market carefully, there’s a higher likelihood that the funds will do well.

- Disadvantage

Of course, there are always risks in investments. Since margin loans are highly liquid in nature, investment losses are often unavoidable. Note that whether the investment pays off or not, the borrower will still need to make repayments.

State of the Property Market in Investment Property Loans

+ Advantage

As long as the property market in Australia continues to do well, individuals investing in properties are guaranteed to have good returns.

- Disadvantage

There’s always going to be a point when the property market will fluctuate. Unless investors are sure that the market will immediately rise again, they should sell off the property they’re holding as soon as they get a good deal.

Interest Rate on Variable Investment Loans

+ Advantage

If the interest rate for an investment loan goes down, the repayment amount will go down as well. That means that the investor will pay less than what was initially projected.

- Disadvantage

If the repayment amount increases due to a higher interest rate, there’s a chance that borrowers will not be able to raise enough funds to cover their repayments on time.

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