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Finhub Solutions helps to simplify Australian finance. During an average Australian lifetime, you can expect to need a local bank member, mortgage broker, accountant, financial planner, stockbroker, real estate agent and a financial strategist/investor.

Mortgage reduction

Shave off 5, 10 even 15 yeras off your mortgage.

Minimise your TAX

Transfer your bad debt into good debt.

Investment planning

Property investment planning.


Experienced in mortgage and financial advice!

Home Loan

Wether you need refinance or new loan, we will get you the best deal.

Business Loan

Boost up your business with extra cash to get to you the next level.

Property Investment

Set up a passive income by investing into properties.

Investment Loan

Make the interested of the investment loan work for you.

Loan structures

We will create the best loan struture in your benefit.

We dont care who you do business with, we will find the best deal on the market!

About Us

Instead of being a generic financial services company, we have kept our services relevant and diversified for our customers and their needs.

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Easiest Way to Manage Personal Finance

Founded in 2015, Finhub Solutions helps to simplify Australian finance. During an average Australian lifetime, you can expect to need a local bank member, mortgage broker, accountant, financial planner, stockbroker, real estate agent and a financial strategist/investor. As a result, it can be very time-consuming and stressful, especially if you are not so experienced in the financial sector. This is where we come in. 

Why Choose Us

We bring all your financial services together, where they work in harmony rather than individually. This allows us to achieve the kind of results that you simply dream of.

Independent provider

We don’t care who you do business with, we will get you the best deal on the market.

Quality Commitment

We do everything to satisfy your financial needs. 

We Are Creative

Did somebody tell you it can’t be done? Don’t listen to them, there is always a solution!


We pride ourselves on providing honest services which only can result in improving your situation.

Our Happy Clients

FinHub Solutions
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Di Healey
Di Healey
04:13 19 Jun 22
Daniel was professional, attentive and made purchasing property less stressful, going the extra mile
cherrie santos
cherrie santos
11:56 12 May 22
Daniel and Lubos are exceptionally professional brokers who helped us every step of the way to build our dream investment portfolio. They have above and beyond level of service, quick to respond and always have time to answer our questions. They really care for their clients. We highly recommend them.
Orwen Maribao
Orwen Maribao
05:58 12 May 22
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Lubos and Dan from Finhubs Solutions. They helped and took care of everything. Getting a property investment is complicated but they tried to make it easy for us. You guys are awesome. All the best.
08:47 06 May 22
This seems to be the birthplace of customer service! I mean real customer service, not just a smile because they have too. They truly love helping people find better options and being a part of your journey. Their knowledge is wonderful and they are very good at explains, even when they already did last time LOL. I cannot thank them enough, so I just tell EVERYONE I can about them. They have already assisted three referrals I sent their way and are about to meet a fourth that I am confident... they will help. Thank you doesn’t seem enough when I think about how much better my future will now more
Anabelle Ang
Anabelle Ang
17:08 03 May 22
My husband and I are grateful we met Lubos and Daniel. They are very hands-on and actively involve in every step of our journey to investing. You don't have to chase these guys but they come to you, making sure that you get the best service. Keep up the good work! Definitely, these guys have the passion! Highly recommended 😉
Gelball Tub
Gelball Tub
00:31 03 May 22
Lubos and Daniel have been excellent in helping us with our investment property! These guys are very professional and easy to work with. They went above and beyond to assist us and answer any questions we have. We highly recommend Finhub Solutions to anyone.
deanmrR34 GTR
deanmrR34 GTR
05:23 05 Aug 21
I found myself in a tight situation where I needed my home loan financed and approved within 2 weeks. I contacted Lubos from Finhub solutions who arranged everything immediately. He kept in contact with me and was very responsive, he acted quickly and was able to get my finance approved in time. I will definitely use his services again for future properties and highly recommend him to anyone looking at buying property
Charlie Dang CPA
Charlie Dang CPA
03:26 25 Jun 21
As young professionals earning good income and enjoy our life to the fullest without minding about our long term finance, we didn't know where to start when it came to purchasing our first home. Coming across FinHub, my wife and I decided to have a session with them and our life have never been the same again!We were treated so respectfully and given easy to understand and straightforward explanations on what we could do. Despite being extremely sceptical that we could purchase our first home... without a lot of savings, Lubos and Daniel have showed us it was possible and we are happier than expected.Thank you so much FinHub. You are now my go-to-broker any day of the year!read more
Janelle Bane
Janelle Bane
00:25 08 Jun 21
Lubos is a lovely man. Very friendly & extremely helpful. Not to forget very professional as well. As a mortgage broker i would recommend lubos to anyone who is wishing to refinance. In my experience he has done an awesome job!!
Michael Zhang
Michael Zhang
07:35 17 Apr 21
Its difficult to find agents who are trustworthy, but I'm happy to say I've been impressed with the level of service and integrity of these guys. Highly responsive, and knowledgeable as well. Would recommend!
Michal Karas
Michal Karas
08:16 13 Apr 21
appreciate personal aproach, guys are really keen to make your life easier 🙂 recommended
Zuzi Fort
Zuzi Fort
06:23 04 Jan 21
Daniel from FinHubSolutions has been an absolute treasure. Not only does he really know his stuff, but he goes above and beyond to help you find a solution to whatever issue you are dealing with. He is there, day and night, seven days a week to guide you through the challenging process of finance. For someone like me, a complete layman, Daniel’s services were invaluable. I would say he is something of a miracle worker – when I first came to him, I believed my case was hopeless. I was a... self-employed single mum of two dependants with a mortgage. I was after refinance and an investment property. While others have turned me away saying it was not possible and that I should perhaps consider getting a full-time job and wait till my daughters grew up, Daniel gave me hope. It would not be easy, but it could be done. And it was. Daniel’s company has guided me through the entire process and I now find myself the proud owner of two properties and still living a life that is full. I am able to afford the daily pleasures that my girls are used to including dance lessons, movies and more.Again, thank you Daniel, you’re a more
Margot Heather
Margot Heather
10:20 02 Jan 21
Big thanks to Daniel and Lubos for helping us refinance our house for much lower rates and pursue our dream of owning an investment property. Amazing guys keep it up
Huy Hoàng Phạm
Huy Hoàng Phạm
03:33 02 Jan 21
Nice, good service
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